October 25, 2023
August 21, 2023

Introducing Audio Transcripts

Have you heard? Note taking just got smarter.

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Say hello to Audio Transcripts—the power to turn any audio recording directly into text within your note! Capture every detail and never worry about gaps in your knowledge. Copy, paste, and search within time-stamped text, so you always have the info you need! Now available with Notability Plus!

Never Miss Another Slide

Rushing to write down every thought? With Audio Transcripts you don’t need to worry about missing any details. Relax and focus on the bigger concepts! Get automatic, time-stamped transcripts of lectures or meetings and review them at your own pace. Whether you’re an auditory or visual learner, Audio Transcripts can streamline your workflow to ensure you never miss a thing.

Get Straight to the Point

Need to review part of a lecture, but forgot your headphones at home? Search through Audio Transcripts the same way you would in any note! Search keywords and phrases to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. No need to pause your study playlist to listen to your recording – simply scroll and reread.

Make the Most of Your Time

Proper prep-work is key for success, but it shouldn’t take forever. Jump start any project by copying and pasting Audio Transcripts directly into your notes. Then edit and annotate as normal! Ace presentations by revising recordings of your practice runs, or create instant to-do lists from meeting transcripts. Whatever the task, Audio Transcripts make it easier to revisit what was said so you can prioritize what matters most!

Whether you're navigating student life or the professional world, Audio Transcripts can help you stay focused, prepped, and productive. Try one hour of Audio Transcripts for free, or subscribe to Notability Plus for unlimited use. 

*Audio Transcription is now live in Notability 14.4. We’re gradually rolling out this feature to all regions (excluding China). Visit our Help Center to learn more.

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