December 19, 2023
August 21, 2023

Notability 2023 Wrapped 🎉

We couldn't let the year wrap without recapping our favorite moments!

52 releases and counting

This year, our team released 52 versions of Notability. That's almost one new update per week! Each one brought us closer to the perfect notetaking experience.  We also got an incredible redesign (version 14.0) and 4 huge, new features. Talk about a glow-up!  

  • Pencil: Our beloved Pencil update, having dropped in February, was the first of many 2023 milestones!
  • Tape: The Tape Tool arrived two months later and was an instant game changer for studying. Check out its 3 new colors and patterns in version 14.5!
  • Customizable Toolbar: A new toolbox experience unveiled in October, allowing you to personalize your tools to your note taking style.  
  • Audio Transcripts: Audio Transcription, the power to turn any audio into text at your fingertips, also went live in October. You can bet we had it on repeat.
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Something to write home about

A new year means a new planner, so we brought more planner options for 2024 (all for free)! Not to mention loads of free stickers and Gallery content, so you can seize the day your way.

  • Planners: We partnered with NozomuNoto for one of our 2 original planners for 2024! Who's to say we'll stop there? We may have another surprise coming soon.
  • Stickers: We added over 1000 more stickers to the Media Tab in our 14.6 update, with tons of variant colorways to choose from.
  • The Gallery: There are more than 100,000 unique notes uploaded to the Notability Gallery as of 2023, all courtesy of our creative community! Color us impressed!

Special shoutout to the Scribble Squad

We launched our first ever ambassador program this July called the Notability Scribble Squad! We've loved seeing our ambassadors' creativity across Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. They may have only been with us 6 months, but our love for them is infinite.

The Notability Scribble Squad ambassadors in Boston! 

We're excited about all the incredible things to come to Notability in 2024. Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Happy 2023 and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

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